How to Offer Free Shipping without Going Broke

The Benefits of Working with a Professional and Affordable Shipping Service Provider

As a manager or owner of a business, you must constantly look for new ways to improve your services. If shipping is part of your business, then one way to motivate your clients to buy more is to offer free delivery. However, many owners are skeptic about this approach. The main concern is whether you can afford to offer free shipping without going broke. Well, the truth is that not every business can afford to offer free delivery. As a professional shipping service provider, I highly advise you to take these factors into consideration before you make any decisions.


Should I offer free shipping?
The benefits of free delivery are quite amazing. A recent study has shown that more than 55% of online customers abandon their shopping carts due to higher-than-expected handling and shipping fees. It is quite obvious that offering cheap or free delivery is definitely a good way to attract clients. The question is, can you afford it? Offering free shipping can sometimes add significant expenses to your business. So, before you make any decisions, you must determine whether you can afford to offer such a service or not.

Short-term gains
One of the main benefits of offering free delivery is increased number of orders. If you set minimal thresholds for your free shipping offer, then you may experience larger orders. All this translates into increased profit. Sure, part of this profit will go to your shipping service provider; however, with the right strategy, you can see a lot of short-term gains from offering free delivery to your clients.

Long-term gains
Aside from the profit gained in the short-term, it is also important to consider repeat purchases. Offering free shipping may attract new customers who may significantly contribute to your profit.

The key to free delivery, however, is using an affordable shipping service provider. Apple Courier Inc offers some of the most attractive rates in Houston, TX. If you’re looking for a shipping company you can rely on, then contact us at (713) 880-8450.