The Quick and Reliable Messenger Service for Your Delivery Needs

Need an urgent document delivery service? You think you cannot afford the services of the big couriers? We have the solution for you! As a versatile global delivery company, Apple Courier Inc can help you deal with any shipment, no matter the size and destination. You can take advantage of our services both in Houston, TX and the surrounding areas.

If you are a business owner who needs regular deliveries of small parcels to clients across town or to a nearby out-of-town location, or you have to send out important documentation as soon as possible, opting for a local messenger service is a clever decision. Keep reading to learn more about it!

Why use it
Used to transport items and loads locally, this service is considered an affordable alternative to large courier services. When it comes to a same-day or pre-scheduled delivery, the messenger service is proven a reliable, secure, and cost-effective method. Messengers can be used by virtually any individual or company for many delivering purposes. They are hired most often by businesses such as law firms, florists, bakeries, grocery stores, catering companies, restaurants, pharmacies, hospitals, retail and E-commerce stores, print shops, etc.

How we provide it
Depending on the delivery location, distance, the number, and size of the parcels, our messengers can use different means of transportation. For short-distance runs, small-sized deliveries like documentation, and multiple assignments, we offer a bicycle service that allows quicker navigation in busy urban areas with congested traffic and eliminates the need of using parking places. Oversized deliveries, such as grocery orders, are accommodated in vans or SUVs, and we also provide cars when the messenger needs to complete long-distance deliveries and inter-city runs.

This type of a courier service has a number of advantages that come with it:
– It is convenient and saves time! Messengers will come and pick your parcel from your location. You do not need to visit a courier’s office and wait in line to drop your package off.
– It is quick and saves money! Unlike large parcel companies that charge based on the weight and dimension of your package, the messenger service charges usually only for the traveling distance. The delivery is done on the very same day, even within hours.
– It is safe and reliable! When using a large courier company, once you send the package, you cannot make any changes. Your parcel goes to a distribution center for sorting, so you do not know what happens with it during this time. Hiring a messenger allows you to modify your order anytime because the item is usually with the same person all the way to the final delivery.

If you are interested in our services, want to receive more information, or hire Apple Courier Inc for a delivery in Houston, TX, give us a call at (713) 880-8450!